Grow with us

What are we like? Effective at work, innovative in business, responsible on the market, courageous in development, full of respect for others and each other, cooperating and sharing knowledge as partners. If you share our values ​​– Asseta S.A. is the place for you.


We are a team you want to work in

We know that the company is created by people, which is why Our Organizational culture is based on employee welfare and development.

Possibility of personal growth

Thanks to working in our organization, you will gain the opportunity to expand your professional competence and soft skills. We provide access to training that allows you to gain the necessary expertise.

Work in a company with an established position

Asseta S.A. is one of the largest debt collection companies operating in our country. Our staff consists of professionals associated with the industry for many years.

Friendly conversations over coffee

At work, we focus on results, but also on relationships and a relaxed atmosphere. That is why meetings at the office over coffee are a standing item of our daily agenda. Thanks to this, we can get to know each other better, which translates into the comfort of joint work.

No formal dress code required

There is no strict dress code in our office. We focus on comfortable elegance. Feel free and dress as you like. Of course, if you like to wear suits, you can wear them every day.


The recruitment process takes only 4 steps


You submit your application

Send us your CV and cover letter, which will provide us with the necessary information about you.

We contact you

After verifying the information from the received documents, we contact the selected candidates. We believe that you will also be among them.

We talk

We arrange an interview to get to know each other better and confirm whether we share similar values.

We begin working together

We invite to work with us people who we believe will be successful in our company not only thanks to their skills, but most of all thanks to their commitment and willingness to develop.