Debt management and processing

As part of our business, we provide the following
services for entities wishing to recover outstanding debts.

Outsourced debts service in primary market

  1. 01
    Current payments monitoring (PL)
  2. 02
    Overdue payments monitoring (Distressed)
  3. 03
    Amicable and court-enforcement debt collection (NPL)

Debt management

Including securitization funds and portfolios purchased by external investors.
  1. 01
    Debt acquisition
    • Market analysis
    • Investment recommendations
    • Investment valuation
    • Organizing the structure of non-standard closed-end securitization investment funds
  2. 02
    Debt collection strategies
    • Preparation of debt collection strategies
    • Periodic updates of debt collection strategies
  3. 03
    Debt collection
    • Process-managed amicable and court-enforcement debt collection based on Lean Management and value stream flow
  4. 04
    • Tableau
    • Dashboards
  5. 05
    • Disinvestment valuation
    • Search for a buyer

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Support for the processes of debt valuation

  • Due diligence processes

  • Modelling of debt collection strategies

  • Valuation of debt portfolios

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Access to market information

  • Analysis of the NPL market in Poland

  • Monitoring potential market transactions

  • Offers, negotiations

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